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The Pakistan Navy has some 24,000 personnel. The force includes a small Naval Air Arm and the approximately 2,000 member paramilitary Maritime Security Agency, charged primarily with protecting Pakistan's exclusive economic zone(EEZ). The naval reserve consists of about 5,000 personnel. Included in this is the Naval arm of the Special Services Group, a marine commando unit stationed at Karachi. The SSG(N) as it is known is believed to number around 1,000 in troop strength. Pakistan Navy recently began inducting women for combat positions[2] apart from the existing administrative posts, becoming one of the few Islamic Republics to do so.

Naval General Staff

  • Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir NI(M) — Chief of Naval Staff)(present)
  • Vice Admiral Saleem Ahmed Meenaii - Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Consolidated)
  • Vice Admiral Noman Bashir — Commander of Pakistan Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Bakhtiar Mohsin — Commander Karachi.
  • Rear Admiral Mahmood Ahmed Khan — Commander of Coastal Areas
  • Rear Admiral Mohammed Shafi — Commander Logistics
  • Commodore Khalid Saeed — Commander of North Navy
  • Rear Admiral Shahid Iqbal — Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations)
  • Rear Admiral Nayyar Iqbal — Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Material)
  • Rear Admiral R U Khan — Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Supply)
  • ? — Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Projects)
  • ? — Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Projects-II)


The supreme commander of the Navy is the Chief of the Naval Staff. Admiral Afzal Tahir NI(M)is the current Chief of the Navy.

The navy has five commands:

  • COMKAR - Naval headquarters and the only major base at Karachi. (COMmander KARachi)
  • COMPAK - The fleet; (COMmander PAKistan Fleet)
  • COMCOAST - COMmander COAST; The special command of SSG(N), Marines and Coastal stations (COMmader COAST) at Karachi, newly raised
  • COMLOG - The logistics; (COMmander LOGistics)
  • COMNOR - Naval installations in the north of Pakistan; (COMmander NORth)
  • COMNAV - COMmander Naval AViation

Other naval bases are Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani.


PN Officer Ranks
Rank Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Commodore Captain Commander Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Midshipman
Uniform insignia

PN Sailor Ranks
Rank Master Chief Petty Officer Fleet Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer Leading Seaman
Uniform insignia


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